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The Mikro Ktima of the Skoubri family is located in Evia in the Lilandio field, where Athanasios Skoubris set up his winery in 2012 at the birthplace.

The production is made from his own grapes as he inherited the vines from his father. The vines are also located in Mytikas where they are planted with Greek varieties such as Roditi, Assyrtiko and black Kontoura but also have foreign varieties such as Syrah & Merlot. In 2019, together with his daughter Eleni Skoubri, they decided to create their Kyathos.

Mikro Ktima was created in 2012.

A charismatic terroir, in a plain with a long tradition of viticulture. The breeze of the Euboean Gulf combined with the effect of the winds from Dirfi, create a harmonious place for the grapes.